Positive Place, Negative Space

In design, we like to play with the balance of positive and negative spaces. Toying with lighting, textiles, placements, and color, we can create different looks but just adjusting the positive to negative ratio of elements. It’s a whole world of experimental fun that can leave me geeked up for days! (Don’t judge; this is safe space – a Tree of Trust)
When I use design elements to play with the balance of positive and negative, it’s an exercise in balance. Proportion. Spacial planning. It’s design styling at its finest.

I’ve come to realize that an equal amount of both positive and negative is only beneficial in the design world; it has no place in my day to day reality. Over the past year, I have made some pretty major, conscious changes in my attitude and how I live my life. All for the better, I assure you. And all of these better, major and conscious changes had made me more aware of all of the negativity that I guess, has always been there, just unnoticed…until now.
It’s come to my attention the more I love my husband, my children and my life, the more of an outcast I become. Does that even make sense??? Are we so lost as a society that the only way we can acceptably socialize is to commiserate over how bad we all have it? I have found myself left out of groups, conversations, plans all because I have nothing I want to complain about. The truth is, I love my husband. The truth is, my children are the light of my life. The truth is, my life is wonderful. I can’t be the only one who feels this way so why do I feel alone because own up to my happiness? Where are all my positive people at? I need you!
I will continue to enjoy the play of negative and positive when I am styling for design, love it even. But as for my personal life I chose to only balance positive with positive. I’m sorry if this ends our crabby, bitchfest based friendship but know this: I’m HAPPY to see you go!
And I leave you with an image of something that makes me smile. You’re welcome.

Positve/Negative Gnomes

Back again, for the first time….

So I haven’t posted anything in oh, a pretty long time. And I have reasons for that (re: excuses) that I won’t bore you with here. I did take some time in my unscheduled hiatus to do some thinking about this blog and what I want from it.
So here is what I have come up with:
I want to continue to write about pretty things that I like for the home and creative and inexpensive ways to create those pretty things.
I want to include more of my personal life in this blog; being a mom, a wife, a dog owner, designer, and well, anything else I can find to describe “me”.
I want the format of this blog to more about teaching and encouraging creativity rather than solicit clients for business.

As life progresses, so does style and taste. Nothing stays the same for long and your furnishings are no exception. Design should be fun and a reflection of your personality. This blog will (hopefully) inspire you to evolve and involve yourself in your own style journey. So let’s shed the skin of the old identity crisis ridden ChantalDecor, and start something that is a lot more fun! I’m counting on the promise of “fun” to ensure that I dedicate myself to this blog. We’ll see if it sticks!

In the name of good faith, here is a cute and creative way to jazz up your old throw pillows.